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Email Remover™ Old Version 2.4 Download (Freeware)
for Windows® 95/98/NT

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  • Easy to setup
  • Preview headers / entire message
    /Save message & attachment

  • Handle multiple accounts
  • Launch external email program

    Current version: 2.4
    File size: 460 KB
    File date: 21 Jul 1998

  • The utility will help you delete unwanted mails (like spam or huge attachments) without the hassle of having to download entire messages. It works by retrieving only the mail headers and let's you preview the first few lines of your messages. Email Remover lists all the messages and let's you choose which ones to delete. After deletion, it can launch your regular email program to download the remaining mails. Email Remover works under Windows 95/98 and NT.

    These are awards and certificates Email Remover™ has received from many sources:

    ZDNet's Hot Files gave E-mail Remover a 5 rating.
    Here is their review ... "Email Remover can save you the trouble of downloading unwanted email. It connects to your ISP and retrieves mail header information (sender, subject, date, etc.), letting you pick mail you don't want to receive and deleting it from the mail server. It will optionally run your regular email client when it's done so that you can transfer and read the mail you do want. Email Remover is a handy little tool in the never-ending battle against spam -- and it's free!. Reviewed on Apr 30 1998."


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