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F. A. Q.
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Email Remover?
Email Remover is an easy-to-use utlity that can help you delete unwanted emails before they are downloaded to your computer. It can save substantial amount of time, specially if you are using a dial-up account.

How does Email Remover work?
Email Remover works like a regular email program when communicating to the mail server; but it only downloads the first few lines of each mails. This allows the user to determine whether the mail is a spam or not. User may choose to delete the mail immediately without the need of downloading them.

Why use Email Remover over other product?
Email Remover is superior because it is easy-to-use. It does what it needs to do simply and easily without unneccessary features that confuses the users.

Is Email Remover still free?
Generally yes. For more than 10 years, many thousands of people have been using Email Remover on regular basis. Until now, the number of users continue to increase. Much as I wish to keep it free, I have to consider the effort neccessary to support and improve the software as requested by our faithful users. I decided keep the software generally free but encourage users to register and donate a minimal fee to keep Email Remover "alive."

What is Sharewarist.Com?
Sharewarist.Com is the company that encourages me to improve Email Remover for the Internet community and helps me maintain Email Remover. It is the company that inspires to keep the shareware and freeware spirit alive!

Thank you for your support.
Thank you for keeping Email Remover the best Email Remover utility. Send your feedbacks to

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