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Launching External Mail Client

Email Remover let you launch external mail client (such as Outlook Express, Eudora, etc.) after it finishes deleting unwanted mails. To setup Email Remover to lauch external mail client, follow below steps.

1 At the Finish screen, tick the "Lauch an Email Client software" checkbox.

2 Since it will be your first time to launch an external mail client, Email Remover will prompt you to configure the parameters for the External mail client.

3 Under Programs tab (referring to Email Client Programs) , click the Add button to add a new mail client program.

4 Enter the necessary parameters for your Email Program. For the Description field, enter the name of your client program. For Target, enter the complete program path of your mail program. Place the entire string inside double quotes (" "). The Start In field is the start up directory of the client program. It is an optional field. Run specifies whether you want the program to be launched as a normal, maximized or minimized window. Click the OK button to apply the settings.

5 When you have completed the above steps, you will be brought back to Finish screen. Click the finish button to exit Email Remover. Upon exit, Email Remover will launch your specified mail program. If there's any error in running the program, it will tell you what is the problem.


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