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WebPosition Gold Reviews -
(NOT Recommended Search Engine Submission & Optimization Software in 2015)

Web Position / WebPosition Gold experts reviews and customers feedback.
WebPosition software was developed by WebTrends Inc.

WebPosition 4 Company Reviews and Background

The main reason that APEX Promotion ranking professionals don't recommend Webposition Gold, is because there has been so many negative feedback to the software from customers. An Ebook named "Inside Secrets of Search Engine Submission & Optimization Software" will be released soon by APEX Promotion . You will find the detailed reasons why WebPosition Gold is not recommeded in 2015.

Another reason they don't recommend the software, is because the internal design of Webposition software violates Google's Terms of Service.
Unlike other search engine submission & optimization software, Webposition Software consumes many resources of Google Servers. Up till 2015, Google still have not approved Webposition Software as an authorized program for submitting pages, checking rankings etc.

Webposition software affiliates and dealers are paid a high commission rate by the webposition company. When they promote the software, they normally hide the following two facts from customers:
1. The two main features "Page Generator" and "Page Critic" will stop working 3 months after you purchase the software. You have to pay $49 for another 3-month subscription.
2. They never mention that Google officially recommend against using WebPosition software. Many customers have been complaining that Webposition Gold has absolutely no value for search engine submission & optimization, even though they have been forced to pay a lot of money to upgrade from version to version again and again.

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